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Feel the calm of village living as you relax, unwind, or just enjoy being yourself in our renovated 100+ year-old Portuguese villa in north goa.


‘goCo.life’ ingeniously fuses ‘go, co’ (for ‘collaborative’ or ‘together’), and ‘life,’ capturing a vision of shared living, working, and creation. This term celebrates a lifestyle marked by collaboration, community, and collective enrichment. Here’s the breakdown:

  • goCo.life: Embodies a dynamic lifestyle, uniting collaborative, communal activities, and embracing life to the fullest. “Go” signifies proactive movement forward.
  • go the “co.life” way: Encourages a path distinguished by collaboration and community, spotlighting the importance of cooperation, sharing, and mutual support.

At our core, we aspire to craft genuine, artistic, inviting, and exclusive spaces worldwide, selecting remote destinations. We’re committed to reviving ancient, rundown villas/homes to their former splendor, seamlessly blending with their local environs. Our journey begins at Valentine Villa in Arpora, North Goa, with many more exciting destinations on our horizon.

valentine villa

“Indulge in a captivating journey through time and taste at our meticulously restored 100-year-old Portuguese villa, a secluded and private homestay in the heart of North Goa. This two-year labor of love, initiated amidst the challenges of Covid in early 2020, seamlessly weaves Goan heritage into modern comfort. Each facet of our villa, from the inviting pool to the fully-equipped kitchen, exudes charm and functionality, promising a serene and scenic escape. Explore open areas designed for work, relaxation, and contemplation, perfectly complementing your North Goa experience.

Nestled within our villa are three independent rooms, each with its unique character. ‘Soppo – Rustic Cottage’ embodies old-world charm, offering a cozy retreat in a serene tropical setting. The ‘Loft Room with Colored Glass’ infuses modern design with a touch of whimsy, creating an atmosphere of creative inspiration. ‘Nana’s Room with High Ceiling’ provides a sense of grandeur, where history and comfort coalesce. All rooms feature a spacious working desk, ensuring productivity amidst tranquility. Enjoy the convenience of an attached bathroom, providing both privacy and comfort.

Immerse yourself in the village vibe we’ve lovingly preserved, creating cherished memories against this enchanting tropical backdrop. Additionally, we curate very exclusive events such as yoga classes and meditation sessions, offering unique opportunities to enrich your stay with tranquility and relaxation.”

3 rooms, Portuguese inspired aesthetics

soppo - rustic cottage

Unwind in the Comforts of a Private Rustic Cottage, Complete with Your Personal ‘Soppo’ – an Oasis of Relaxation. Ideal for Solo Travelers or Couples Seeking Serene Getaways.

Embrace the North Goa Experience in a Traditional Tiled Room with Low Ceilings, Infused with Beach/Ocean Themed Decor. Sink into Plush Bedding, Utilize the Quiet Workstation, or Rejuvenate in Your Ensuite.

soppo cottage

Color Kissed sunlight - loft Room

Bask in Relaxation as Sunlight Filters through Traditional Colored Glass Windows. The Loft, a Cozy Sleeping Nook with a Spacious 6×6 Floor Mattress, Overlooks a Private Work and Lounge Area, Complete with Bay-Window Seats, 2-Door Wardrobe, and Functional Desk.

Let Your Imagination Soar as You Unwind by the Window or Recharge Up in the Loft. With a High Ceiling that Keeps the Atmosphere Blissfully Cool, and Warm Grey Walls Accented by Red Highlights, Every Detail Invites Pure Relaxation.

single bed & sitting area in the loft room
Discover Nana's Room: Portuguese Colonial Style

nana's room - portuguese colonial style room

Step Back in Time to Embrace Old-Style Living with a Tropical Twist. Discover Scenic High Ceilings and a Tiled Roof that Offer a Tranquil Ambiance, Where Relaxation Takes Center Stage.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds: Indulge in Modern Comforts Amidst Authentic Charm. Unwind in a Brand-New Portuguese-Style Bohemian Bathroom and Find Your Cosy Nook for Productivity. This Spacious Retreat is Tailor-Made for a Family Workcation, Perfect for the Ultimate North Goa Experience.

amenities & facilities

Enhancing Your Stay with Comfort and Convenience.

pool (24x7)

24/7 Poolside Relaxation: Enjoy peace by palm trees and blue skies, whether resting or swimming, for a calm and happy time.

wifi: 150 mbps

Stay connected with our strong WiFi, backed by dual providers. Enjoy uninterrupted online activities for work, study, and leisure.

Kitchen: full stack (24x7)

Our 24×7 full-stack kitchen empowers you to cook, create, and savor anytime. From breakfast to midnight cravings, it’s your culinary playground.

laundry: full stack (24x7)

24×7 self-service laundry: Clean and refresh your clothes on your schedule. Modern fully automatic machine, convenient and efficient.

power backup

Reliable Power Backup: Enjoy an uninterrupted homestay experience, even during outages. Stay connected and comfortable, worry-free.

daily cleaning

Wake up to a refreshed and pristine space every morning. Our meticulous service ensures a comfortable and inviting homestay throughout your stay.

in-room, work desk

Experience seamless remote work and nomadic living with our in-room workspaces: well-equipped desks, reliable internet, and the freedom to focus.

free parking

Open, free,  Dedicated Parking ensuring seamless access and peace of mind throughout your visit. Your reserved spot awaits.

Barbecue Delights

Experience the Best Barbecue at our well-equipped barbecue area. Create memories with loved ones as you savor delicious outdoor cooking moments.

Inviting Fire Pit

Gather, share stories, and find warmth in the company of loved ones. Roast marshmallows, bask in ambiance, create lasting memories under the starlit sky.

paid services

convenient Paid Services for Your Ease: Enjoy Airport Pickup and Drop, plus the Flexibility of Bike, Scooter, and Car Rentals, All at Your Fingertips.

exciting experiences
Variety of Adventures: Kayaking, Fishing, Biking, Scuba Diving, Island Hopping, Bird Watching, & More, All Arranged to Suit Your Preferences.

Our Inside Pictures

Take a look at some pretty pictures captured in and around our premises.

what our customers say!

Vishwaja Salian
Vishwaja Salian
I had a great experience here. The ambience was so calm and peaceful it actually feels like you are at your home. You can cook your own food they have fully functional kitchen and also swiggy zomato is accessible from this location. All and all it was an amazing stay here and I would totally recommend it to everyone!
Saikat Saha
Saikat Saha
Awesome rooms with great service by host Andrea and Raj.Spacious rooms, kitchenette and swimming room, surely recommended for couples and pocket friendly. Gocolife will surely exceed your expectations.We had all the access to a grocery store, wine shop, which was just 2 mins away from the villa. Additional plus point- Raj's knowledge of local cuisines and recommendations of restaurants.
d sudheerreddy
d sudheerreddy
It was nice place a
sherry thomas
sherry thomas
Great times spent with friends lovely pool and loads of memories made .Colourful rooms thoughtfully furnished .Great sit out for long chats and great place to walk around the property
Charushi Rupani
Charushi Rupani
The room was clean and functional with really clean bathrooms. The room was cleaned everyday and there was a person you could contact for things at all times. The area is close to supermarkets, main roads and restaurants. Enjoyed the open area of the place and the pool. 10/10 would recommend.
viraj bhanage
viraj bhanage
The rooms are well maintained. Stay here for quaint vibes if you like them.
jitendra Singh
jitendra Singh
Location ke according hotel thik nhi hai
Satindra Sen
Satindra Sen
Had a terrific time ! Raj is a wonderful wonderful host ! and took us to / recommended the most amazing restaurants / pubs (the one near by has such a wonderful vibe !) .. and having a pool to yourself doesn’t hurt either !